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our mission

At Santa Rosa Strength we like to have fun, so when we are off the workout floor, you can often find us laughing and smiling with our friends and family who train with us. On the workout floor we take ourselves seriously, as we strive to deliver the best workout possible and expect the best results from your hard work. We are always looking for ways to improve our programs, so we think outside the box and deliver the most effective, scientifically based information on matters of exercise, health, nutrition, and lifestyle. We understand that all of us have different needs and desires, so we coach with empathy and understanding, as we work towards your goals. All this to deliver a world class experience that you will be proud to tell your friends and family about.

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The Owners


Steve and Deanna Reis started Santa Rosa Strength in 2001, after leaving FIT, one of the largest SuperSlow facilities of its kind. For the last 15 years, as they have grown their families, they have remained focused on improving and expanding Strength, while helping individuals within our community to reach their fitness goals, and improve their health.


Steve began working as a trainer over 25 years ago, and in that time has helped to start 3 successful fitness companies in Northern California. He is one of the original Master trainers of the SuperSlow exercise guild, and has certified the majority of the SuperSlow trainers in Sonoma County. His experience with over 50,000 individual workouts, coupled with a passion for helping others achieve their life goals, Steve provides the team at Strength an opportunity to learn from one of the best. 


Deanna, started her personal training career at one of the largest SuperSlow facilities in California, FIT, and became one of their most successful trainers. After starting Santa Rosa Strength, Deanna left the workout floor, and now oversees the finances of Strength, providing our team with the stability to continue to provide you with one of the most excellent programs ever designed.


Wes, who was trained by Steve, also at FIT, has a diverse background in athletics, from soccer with the highly regarded Santa Rosa United Soccer club, to a member of a U.S. martial arts team in 1994, and draws on his passion for fitness and health to oversee the sales and marketing efforts of the company.


Together, Steve, Deanna, and Wes have created a company that will continue to grow and become more successful, while helping friends and family, our community, to reach their health and fitness goals. Their mission at Strength is to provide you the safest, most effective workout experience, while reaching out to our community who are seeking ways to improve their lives.

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