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At Santa Rosa Strength, our mission is to provide the safest, most effective workout experience while extending our support to the broader community in their quest for self-improvement.​

The World's Best Workout!

Our Story

Santa Rosa Strength is a testament to dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of fitness. Founded in 2001 by Steve and Deanna Reis, our journey began after leaving FIT, one of the largest SuperSlow facilities of its kind in Northern California. Our passion for helping individuals within our community to reach their fitness goals and improve their health has been the driving force behind our endeavors for over two decades.

Steve Reis, the owner and visionary behind Santa Rosa Strength, embarked on his career as a trainer over 35 years ago. In this remarkable journey, Steve's expertise has played a pivotal role in the success of three flourishing fitness companies in Northern California. As one of the original Master trainers of the SuperSlow exercise guild, he has been instrumental in certifying the majority of the SuperSlow trainers in Sonoma County.

With an astonishing 70,000 individual workouts under his belt, Steve's experience is unparalleled. His passion for helping others achieve their life goals has been unwavering, making him a true cornerstone of the Strength team. Steve's commitment to improving and expanding our fitness enterprise has consistently provided an opportunity for our team to learn from one of the best in the industry.


Together with Steve at the helm, alongside Owen, Olivia, and Wiggins, we've built a company that continues to thrive and make a positive impact. As we've grown our families over the last 17 years, our focus has always remained on improving and expanding Strength. We're not just a fitness business; we're a community dedicated to helping friends and family reach their health and fitness goals.

Our Trainers

Our personal trainers are all under the guidance of one of the original SuperSlow masters, Steve Reis, who has taken great care to promote the safest, most effective form of exercise that can be found. Your 20 minute, semi-private, strength exercise sessions are intense, so we specially train our coaches for this environment.

Andrew "Drew" Ownsbey

Andrew Ownsbey first experienced the program at Strength 2001, developing his interest in resistance exercise when he was rehabilitating from knee surgery. After experiencing the profound effects of the program, Andrew decided to make a career change and has been helping others experience the numerous benefits of strength training for many years now. His clients enjoy the care and commitment to healthy change that “Drew” brings to every session. His passion for helping others is part of what drives Santa Rosa Strength’s mission.

Fay Ashcroft

Fay Ashcroft is a dynamic personal trainer at Santa Rosa Strength, known for her holistic and client-centered approach. Trained by the gym's owner, Steve Reis, she possesses a deep understanding of physical fitness and a wide array of training techniques. Fay excels in creating personalized workout plans that cater to individual goals, whether for beginners or seasoned athletes. Her enthusiastic and supportive style motivates her clients, guiding them towards achieving their fitness aspirations with expert care and dedication.

John Hansen

John Hansen has lived in Sonoma county for over 25 years and raised 4 girls with his wife Rebecca. After playing baseball in college, he continued with sports by coaching Youth Rec Sports, Travel organizations and private lessons. Always interested in finding the most efficient way to do everything, MSTF has become the biggest life changing hack. He found his chronic small injuries had completely gone away and felt stronger than he did in college when he worked out 5 days a week. His passion for coaching and bringing out the best in everyone in the most fun and enjoyable way continues with MSTF training. 

Katie Specht

Katie Specht grew up in Northern California and has a B.Sc. from UC Davis in Food Science and Technology.  2 years ago Katie experienced burnout of her favorite modes of exercise, African dance and yoga. A friend recommended SRS and she was a willing but wary client. After 3 months of training, Katie found that she was in far better shape than she had been for years.  Inspired by what 20 minutes a week can accomplish, Katie joined the SRS team. Katie enjoys growing cutting-flowers and volunteer work. She has a great husband and two wonderful children who keep her world spinning!

Our Gym

Discover the focused ambiance of Santa Rosa Strength. Our gym, distinctively designed for concentration, features a private workout area without mirrors or distractions, ensuring an immersive exercise experience. Experience a transformative fitness journey in a space dedicated to your personal growth. Contact us today to schedule your personalized tour.


Ready to start ?

Join us on a transformative journey towards improved health, vitality, and athletic excellence.

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