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High Intensity Strength Exercise

Our personal trainers will guide you through the safest, most effective, strength and cardiovascular training sessions ever devised, giving you the best chance of reaching your fitness goals. This revolutionary program will bring you greater strength and endurance, help you lose body fat, and improve your health in just two 20 minute sessions per week. Try it today! What do you have to lose? (except for the spongy buns... you will lose those.)


I like the fact that my workouts are custom tailored for my needs, and they are only once a week. My trainer challenges me to do a little better every time, which makes me feel really good. This program has been totally worth it to me, since I feel my body and mind are in the best shape I have experienced in years.


World Racquetball Champion, Steve Wattz, keeps his body strong and fit, using a combination of Resistance Exercise and Cardio-Metabolic Training

(Tabata Protocol), at Santa Rosa Strength.

This program is about understanding your true potential
Doug McGuff, M.D.
Author, "Body by Science"

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