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Rene LeCheminant

At 50 I was concerned that if I didn't do something to strengthen my body, I would continue to lose strength, affecting my overall physical and mental health in the years to come. I had always been athletic and was feeling a loss of agility and confidence in my abilities. Now, I feel stronger and more capable to play and do daily living tasks, and I have lost 30 lbs!

Larry Resnikoff

In my mid 60's, I wanted a workout that would help me maintain my muscle mass. A friend suggested the Strength program, so I tried it. It has been 4 years now and I feel stronger, look more muscular, and have less body fat than when I started. The Strength trainers keep me focused and motivated, and always work around any issues I may have experienced during the week. If you are looking for results, but don't want to spend the hours other programs demand, Strength is for you.

Beryl Ryan

My husband Tom and I love to play racquetball. During our games I began to feel weaker and was having trouble keeping up. Also, though I was obsessed with our food, I was gaining weight and feeling frustrated! Soon after starting the Strength program I began to notice changes. I was feeling stronger, keeping up with Tom on the court, and winning occasionally! The Strength requires very little time and you will get great awesome results. I have lost 11 lbs! Do will be happy you did.

Kyle Mack

Since I suffer from Lyme's disease, I was experiencing lack of energy, weight gain, and poor skin tone and color. I felt so physically depleted that I didn't want to do anything. Since I started the program I have lost 21 lbs. and I have more energy! My self esteem has improved, though now I am suffering from "Baggy Pants". I like working with the Strength trainers and that the appointment is the same time every week. If you are considering the program, I strongly suggest you try it!

Tony Martin

After my 20th high school reunion, I realized I needed to make a change. The company I was working for was providing food on a daily basis. As I worked more, exercised less, and ate frequently, things began to get out of control. I was overweight and I didn't feel like I thought I should. After trying some things on my own, I realized I could get better results if I got some help, so I called Santa Rosa Strength. They helped me achieve the results I wanted, and I feel better than ever! Do it.

Sherrie Wiseman

Just before my 66th birthday, I was hiking with family and friends, when suddenly I lost my footing when the trail edge gave way, and I rolled down a steep embankment! After 30 feet I came to a stop in front of a large tree with only a fractured ankle. I credit the work done at Strength, with Steve Reis, for keeping me both mentally and physically strong for these types of challenging life moments. Strength is a life saver!

Janis Dolnick

13 years ago I decided I wanted to lose some weight. A friend of mine was working a trainer, and invited me to observe her next workout. The workout was once a week for only 20 minutes, and though I was skeptical, I thought I should at least give it a try. I was hoping the workouts would effect my declining bone density, and reduce the lower back pain I had been experiencing. After 2 years, my bone density scores had improved and my sciatica was gone! This program works...try it.

David Dodds

A friend of mine suggested Strength after hearing me complain about my physical condition. He had experienced great results, and thought I should try the program. Since starting the program, I have lost over 60 lbs. and my health has improved. I definitely recommend Strength if you are interested in great results while working with a team that will keep you on track with your goals.

Steve Wattz

Congratulations Steve Wattz for another top finish at the 2015 World Senior Racquetball Tournament. Steve has been staying in top form with the program at Santa Rosa Strength for years, and at 59 years of age won: • 1st Place Mixed Doubles 55 and over • 1st Place Mixed Doubles Mens Overall • 3rd Place Men 55 and over Singles Steve keeps his body strong and fit using a combination of Resistance Exercise, Cardio-Metabolic Training (Tabata Protocol) at Santa Rosa Strength in Santa Rosa, California

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