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Something New For 2019

As we head off into the new days of 2019, many of you will be experiencing the World's Best Workout as you have for years. While you already benefit from this program, many in our community simply don't know of how little time it takes to achieve their health and fitness goals and we want to help. It's up to us to continue to educate and assist those who need help...desire help...towards their 2019 goals.

If you have some time, read this great little article published by the New York Times back in September. In this article they mention a new study where it was demonstrated that no matter how you lift weights, working to exhaustion was the factor that determined result, NOT the number of sets. Since lifting heavy weights to exhaustion can be tricky, it is recommended to seek a qualified service, like The World's Best Workout, to keep you safe as you work towards the higher levels of exercise intensity that brings amazing results. Just a little something new we have been working on for the last 18 years. the article or send it to a friend, and let's get some of our friends and family started on this excellent program.

Remember...for every person you send that signs up, we will give you a complimentary session as a way of saying thanks! If you send us 12 this year the rest of 2019 is free.

Happy New Year!

Wes Hardy

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