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Take Advantage of Me!

As you are reading this you may be asking yourself, "Did he really just put out a request to be taken advantage of?" Yes...I will say it again...Take advantage of me! We live in a world where people often need a little help and encouragement in order to gain momentum on the things that inspire them to get out of bed in the morning. What inspires you? What do you want to do differently or better? And would you like help from someone who has spent a life learning how to inspire and encourage others, while experiencing many of the same challenges you might have? Then read on good friend...for here is where your journey towards success begins...

Inspiration Leads to Success

Many years ago a friend of new friend and I were discussing his new found hobby, Hawaiian Outrigger Paddling. As we were talking I realized he was unsure of “who he was” regarding his athleticism…and I said so! “You are an athlete!”, I exclaimed, and he looked at me with a questionable expression on his face. “Do you really believe this?” As I explained what I knew to be true of his nature, he began to think differently regarding his pursuits. He began to train harder. He began to take risks athletically. He entered the Yukon Quest River race and finished with a team of awesome, inspiring friends. Today, Cyril Derreumaux is a world record holder, having rowed with a team across the Pacific to Hawaii. His amazing journey began with a simple change in his thinking…

What are you thinking today? Do you have dreams that you would like to put into action? What are your limiting factors and what are your strengths? Have you revealed the true nature of your “self”? These are questions that I can help you find answers to, as I helped my friend so many years ago. The success you seek already exists in this realm…much like a sculpture hidden in a piece of rock, waiting to be revealed. The inspiration you seek will only come from within but your inner voice needs support. This is where someone like me comes in and helps. I am a Kung Fu teacher…I am an athlete…I am a personal trainer…Ultimately I am seeking you so I can discover something about my true nature…will you help? Take advantage! Become inspired!

Mentorship Quiets the “Doubting Thomas”

In life we often will find people who I like to call the Doubting Thomases. They have never been where you wish to go, and they don’t believe it can be done. Often the loudest ones are the ones in your head. I know…you are hearing voices in your head and you want them to stop. I want them to change…hear the difference. The path to success is filled with failure…time after time you will attempt to change…to train harder…to take risks…and you will often find challenges that can be daunting. What do you do when the Doubting Thomas says, “Ruuuuuuuun!”? During my Kung Fu training I sought the advice of my old Kung Fu masters who would offer me advice that got me through some of these. The one thing they all pointed to was the journey. “There are many paths on the mountain…they all lead to the top.” , one liked to say. My path was different from your path…what is the same? The Doubting Thomas voices were all over that dang mountain. Take advantage of someone who has learned the subtleties of mentorship.

Risk and Reward

Wes Hardy performing Praying Mantis Kung Fu 1998

Many, many times in my life I have inspired, cajoled, dared, or flat out pushed my friends (and myself) to do things that they are afraid of. Some of these things have been

very risky…and risk comes with a cost that is only determined by the outcome. When standing at the precipice, one often will focus on the disastrous effects of missing the landing. Preparation, strong belief, and a calm presence is required to stick the landing, but Mr. Murphy (the “it will go wrong” guy) always has different plans for you so it can be a bit daunting. But…if you are going to experience the greatest feelings of glory, you must risk the agony of defeat…and this is where again I will help you. Why? I have learned to do things that make me afraid…that most people would rather die than do…like public speaking. I will help you approach your fears and overcome them.

Once…one of my martial arts students came to me and said, “Wes, I want to buy a motorcycle. My dad says he will kick me out of the house if I do this. What would you do?” I told him to buy the bike… “But my dad!”, he cried. “Are you planning on living at home forever?”, I asked. “No”. “Buy the bike…” He went home later and had a great conversation with his father. He told him of his intentions to purchase his motorcycle, and that if that meant he would have to leave the family home, he was prepared for this and ready to take the next steps towards his independence. His father was impressed by his sons determination, and not only did he NOT ask him to leave the family home, he actually purchased his son a class of motorcycle safety.

Risk assessment is sometimes best if it comes from someone who does not have the same fears…or that does but has overcome them. Take advantage of the thought process of risk takers...which leads to action.

When The Student Is Ready…The Teacher Will Appear

You have a goal…

You have dreams…

You are having difficulty getting started…

You need a teacher.

I have 25 years of experience teaching and mentoring others towards their success who were letting something limit them…and their actions. I have made this journey helping others while on a quest…My quest is discover the limits of this human experience, and learn to overcome. If you are ready to learn…I am ready to teach…if you are ready to teach…I am ready to learn. Let’s work together…Take advantage.


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