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Our personal trainers are all under the guidence of one of the original SuperSlow masters, Steve Reis, who has taken great care to bring us the safest, most effective form of exercise that can be found. Your 20 minute, semi-private, strength exercise sessions are intense, so we specially train our coaches for this environment.

Steve Reis - Owner

Steve began working as a trainer over 25 years ago, and in that time has helped to start 3 successful fitness companies in Northern California. He is one of the original Master trainers of the SuperSlow exercise guild, and has certified the majority of the SuperSlow trainers in Sonoma County. With his experience of over 50,000 individual workouts, coupled with a passion for helping others achieve their life goals, Steve provides the team at Strength an opportunity to learn from one of the best. 

Wes Hardy - owner
15 years ago Wes, a former elite soccer player and kung fu master (praying mantis style), started Santa Rosa Strength with Steve and Deanna Reis. Since that time, under the guidence of Steve, Wes has administered over 30,000 workouts. His experience with the rigors of sport, kung fu training, and SuperSlow, gives Wes a greater understanding of the needs of individuals training for competitive environments.
Andrew Ownsbey

Andrew Ownsbey first experienced the program at Strength 2001, developing his interest in resistance exercise when he was rehabilitating from knee surgery. After experiencing the profound effects of the program, Andrew decided to make a career change and has been helping others experience the numerous benefits of strength training for many years now. His clients enjoy the care and commitment to healthy change that “Drew” brings to every session. His passion for helping others is part of what drives Santa Rosa Strength’s mission.

Katie Specht

Katie Specht grew up in Northern California and has a B.Sc. from UC Davis in Food Science and Technology.  2 years ago Katie experienced burnout of her favorite modes of exercise, African dance and yoga.  A friend recommended SRS and she was a willing but wary client.  After 3 months of training, Katie found that she was in far better shape than she had been for years.  Inspired by what 20 minutes a week can accomplish, Katie joined the SRS team.  Katie enjoys growing cutting flowers and volunteer work.  She has a great husband and two wonderful children who keep her world spinning!


John Fiori

John became  interested  in personal training after his martial arts instructor, Wes Hardy, suggested it. Wes was a personal trainer with a local gym, FIT,  and he put John through the most intense work out he had ever experienced, and it only took 20 minutes! He was hooked and became certified by Steve Reis 12 years ago.
 During the time John has been training using this method, he has become healthier, stronger and more energetic. At age 46, John competed in a bodybuilding contest using this method.When he isn't instructing exercise sessions, John races motocross and rides mt.bikes.


Christina Woodworth

Christina is a Sonoma County native and grew up in the outdoors hiking, backpacking, and whitewater rafting. She always had a strong physical drive; a competitive gymnast as a child, avid hiker as a teen and whitewater river guide at 18 year old. Christina loves sharing physical experiences with people and creating community. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Community Studies and Master’s of Arts in Humanities and Leadership.  Santa Rosa Strength is the perfect combination of physical challenge and bringing people together for a common goal. Prior to her sessions at SRS Christina had no interest in weight training. But with the Super Slow method it was a 20 minute commitment to being mindful and fully present with her body. Christina is excited to help people realize their strength potential in this warm, welcoming environment.  Christina lives in Sebastopol with her husband and six year old daughter.

Ashley Sweet

Ashley Sweet has always been interested in kinesiology and physical fitness. She intensely trained in Tae Kwon Do, a Korean Martial Art, earning a 3rd degree black belt. Then she studied exercise, fitness, and exercise physiology at San Jose State, earning her degree in 2017. She is excited to utilize and share her kinesiology knowledge, at Santa Rosa Strength, with people from the community she grew up in and loves.

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